Angry Birds GO! Telepods Exclusive Birds Pack Heroes vs Villains

The best product EVER!, December 7, 2014
The best product EVER!

Five Stars, September 26, 2014
was exactly what he wanted

One Star, September 14, 2014
returned it. not worth the money.

Five Stars, July 28, 2014
My kid loves it!

Five Stars, July 3, 2014
sent this to my grand son he love them

Fun for Kids, February 11, 2014
I got these as a Christmas present for my son. They are cool to use with a phone for the Star Wars II video game. My son likes them well enough, but he doesn't LOVE them, that's why it doesn't get 5 stars. He played with them like 5 times and then left them alone. Each one can be used to add to the game through the phone. Note that you need to have the game and a particular smartphone to use them.

This is the only set for the 4 exclusives character!, January 7, 2014
If you are playing Rovio Star Wars 2, this is one of the way to play the 4 new characters. But it come with other characters, which you would have gotten earlier.

a good reason to put password blocks on your cellphone, January 4, 2014
my 6 year old son ordered this from a pop up ad on my cellphone, we were almost as surprised as he was on christmas morning, just not as happy. the tele pods are a great gift they make a game he has been playing for a while all new and exiting again, buying me many more hours of peaceful driving.

My son loves it BUT..., December 17, 2013
For one thing the price is a complete rip off, especially when I found it MUCH cheaper at a local toy store last night. Second and most importantly, there is a HUGE oversight in this toy. This is called the "exclusive" Heroes vs Villains Pack. Ummm, who is THE villain of Star Wars? Darth Vader. Why even call it that if Darth Vader isn't in the pack? It should be called Heroes vs all the lame villains your son doesn't want.