Sky-Botz Aerocar Hover Assault - Red

Sky-Botz Aerocar Hover Assault - Red

Product Description

Truly an all terrain vehicle! Drive on the ground and fly in the sky with the Skybotz Hover Assault. The Skybotz Aero Car is the ultimate fusion of ground and air R/C technology. Explore terrain that no other vehicle can as you drive, jump and fly this powerful hybrid R/C. Speed across the ground and hop or soar over obstacles. Fire quick bursts of aerial navigation or launch your way into full on flight. Unleash a fury of 10 cardboard discs on the included target. Whether on land or in the air, nothing can stop the Skybotz Hover Assault. Product Specifications: Operational Range- 30 Feet Charge Time- 40 minutes Flying time 5~7 minutes Helicopter Battery 3.7350Ah Li-po (included) Transmitter Batteries- 3 AAA (not included) Charging - USB charging Cable

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Four Stars, October 22, 2014
Fun toy to play with!

... others have said - but the wheels do break easily - FUN while it, October 14, 2014
Not as flimsy as others have said - but the wheels do break easily - FUN while it lasted

One Star, August 17, 2014
Never worked wasted money

NOT KID TESTED, March 26, 2014
This Aerocar Hover should have been tested by kids before going on the market. It only took my 12 year old two hours of landing it before it broke. DO NOT BUY THIS ONE if you are giving it to boys under the age of 16.

very cool gift, March 21, 2014
I had given this to my 12 year old nephew . he very much loves this unique little toy . thanks

barely functions, February 26, 2014
it will fly just barely controlling it is a joke will not function as a car. greatly disappointed as was my grandson.

Lame, January 26, 2014
This product doesn't drive well, and it barely flies. My poor brother got this thing as a Christmas gift, and everyone was disappointed.

Doesn't really drive, January 23, 2014
Great helicopter, but I really wanted one that would really drive and fly. If all you're looking for is a helicopter, then you've found the best one I've ever flown. I didn't really have much luck with the discs that shoot out. I shot two and then constantly was jammed.

What a pure peice of JUNK, January 22, 2014
Remote doesn't work well with the vehicle.
What a pure disappointment for my grandson and my nephew. They got NO time playing with it.
STAY AWAY from this and look elsewhere!

Aerocar Hover Assault more a hover insult!, January 13, 2014
A clumsy land vehicle, not very capable on ground. Awkward in the air, not very maneuverable but fun to watch it gyrate around the room defying gravity like a pooped prize fighter. Fairly tuff. Keeps ones interest for a bit. Would not buy another.