Winx Club Trix Collection Stormy Queen of Storms

Winx Club Trix Collection Stormy Queen of Storms

Product Description

Icy, Stormy and Darcy - who attend Cloudtower, a school for witches! They're the Winx Club's arch-nemesis and want nothing more than to steal Bloom's magical power! Each doll comes with 1 hairbrush, 2 arm cuffs, 1 dress, 1 pair of leggings, 1 tiara crown, 1 top, 1 pair of boots and 1 set of evil wings.

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Five Stars, November 26, 2014
She loved them...!

Winx Club Trix Doll, September 8, 2014
It arrived quickly and was NIB, so great!

Five Stars, August 29, 2014
Just as described

Great!, February 24, 2014
Finally! A Stormy doll! She has her frizzy hair, which is slightly purple. She has a sort of maroon outfit, with glitter that doesn't rub off. She comes with evil wings, and easy on and off arm bands. The shoes have sort of fins. She matches the show almost perfectly. All in all, five GIGANTIC stars. Oh wait, the joints are well articulated and position easily, but don't come loose. That is very important!

Beautiful doll but fragile, January 7, 2014
I bought this for my 7 yr old daughter since she is a huge fan of the Winx show; she LOVES it. This doll is very pretty. She is fully articulated, including her wrists, so her joints are more flexible/posable that most Barbie dolls, so you can put her MANY different poses, which is fun. Joints are very flexible, but not too loose, so she will keep the pose. Her hair is nice quality - easy to brush to keep it looking good. One thing I LOVE about this doll is her wings. We have a Barbie fairy whose wings fell off so easily that my daughter literally could not play with her and I finally used superglue to keep them on! But the wings on this doll stay firmly in place - they insert right into her back, into a small "X" cut into her back. Don't worry - the X in her back is not noticeable, even when the wings are removed, and does not detract from the beauty of the doll. The wings can move, and my daughter likes to make her doll fly and have the wings flutter as if she is really flying - she moves the doll up and down during flight, and the wings move up and down in unison. And thanks to the excellent design, the wings stay on! Yet, the wings are easy to remove if my daughter wants her to be in her non-fairy form. One comment I do want to make about this doll: she is skinnier than a Barbie doll and has a larger head (which makes her seem even skinnier). The cartoon upon which this toy is based is the same way -- skinny girls with impossibly long legs. So my daughter and I talk about the fact that it is not possible (or even desirable) for a real girl/woman to EVER look like this. However, the show itself has so many positive messages (about kindness, courage, teamwork, and strong females) that I like it overall. And this doll offers her the opportunity for hours of fun, creative play. UPDATE: After just 6 weeks, one of the legs BROKE on our Bloom Sirenix doll. My daughter is very gentle with her toys, but she had taken the clothes off the doll to play in the tub, then put the doll along with several Barbies into a small plastic bin. Later when she went to get the doll, the leg was broken - lower leg completely snapped off at the knee. We think the doll must have gotten tangled with the other dolls and the leg got bent the wrong way - but we have stored Barbies like this for YEARS and never had anything get broken. If you look closely, the articulated joints are made of VERY THIN PLASTIC that obviously breaks very easily! We have purchased a replacement and she now knows to be SUPER careful, but a child's toy should not be this fragile. I have read similar stories of breakage in other reviews of Winx dolls. I would avoid this doll unless your child loves the Winx and desperately wants one - and then know in advance about the fragility. I definitely do not recommend this doll for a child under the age of 7 or 8.