Disney Frozen Complete Story Playset

Disney Frozen Complete Story Playset

Product Description

Disney Frozen Complete Story Playset: The Disney film Frozen introduces a new cast of characters who reside in the Kingdom of Arendelle. Their story is one of epic adventure and nonstop magic! Here, the entire cast of characters comes together in one complete story gift set that will charm and delight fans of the film. Sisters Anna and Elsa are adorable as small dolls wearing their signature fashions from the movie. Girls will recognize Anna's Norwegian rosemaling-inspired design on her removable skirt; Elsa's is a sparkling blue. To keep warm, both sisters wear their iconic capes: Anna's a sweet pink and Elsa's a sheer ethereal white. Prince Hans is also dressed formally, wearing a molded tuxedo. Brave Kristoff, the mountain man, is included too, dressed in his wintry woolens that include large mittens, a warm cap and a colorful belt around his cozy vest. Friends Olaf, a snowman, and Sven, Kristoff's loyal reindeer, complete this set that will allow girls to play out and expand upon this heart-warming story. Set includes four small dolls and two figures.

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Five Stars, July 31, 2014
The grand kids loved this!

Good with a tiny flaw..., July 30, 2014
Not a bad set, the clothes do come off of Ana and Elsa though and tiny hands aren't able to get them back on. Just an FYI!

Great, Depending on What You're Using Them For, July 30, 2014
I bought these as cake toppers, and they worked great for that purpose. I was also nice to give them to my daughter once we were finished with the cake. I would recommend these for that purpose anytime.
I will note that these are smaller and not as sturdy as the character packs that you get directly from Disney. These will not stand-up on their own, and they are smaller. That being said, my daughter was thrilled with the cake and still enjoys playing with the figures.

My daughters loved it!, July 29, 2014
My both girls absolutely loved it as the characters easily fitted in their doll houses. The Olaf's head comes off to pretend-and-play. They are not figurines so their hands and legs are movable

Frozen Fan Favorite, July 29, 2014
My kiddo loves this play set. The dolls are the same size as the little kingdom/magic clip dolls. But note, the clip dresses won't work with these princesses, as they have a little ring of raised plastic at the waist that keeps their fabric skirts up. Elsa's cape is really tricky for a 4yo to put on, and Kristof's tunic restricts his leg movement, but otherwise we have no complaints! All of her favorite characters in one set!

A fabulous reminder of the joy of this movie, July 29, 2014
A fabulous reminder of the joy of this movie. My granddaughters love "little people" to spark their imagination. Delightful and not an overwhelming cost!

Poor set, July 28, 2014
Figures don't even stand up????

... got our money's worth as parents and my daughter loved, July 27, 2014
We got our money's worth as parents and my daughter loved it

but my two granddaughters were happy to have then, July 27, 2014
The characters were much smaller then I thought they would be, but my two granddaughters were happy to have then.

Three Stars, July 25, 2014
Withink the first day the "clothes" on Anna and Elsa ripped.