Disney Frozen Complete Story Playset

Disney Frozen Complete Story Playset

Product Description

Disney Frozen Complete Story Playset: The Disney film Frozen introduces a new cast of characters who reside in the Kingdom of Arendelle. Their story is one of epic adventure and nonstop magic! Here, the entire cast of characters comes together in one complete story gift set that will charm and delight fans of the film. Sisters Anna and Elsa are adorable as small dolls wearing their signature fashions from the movie. Girls will recognize Anna's Norwegian rosemaling-inspired design on her removable skirt; Elsa's is a sparkling blue. To keep warm, both sisters wear their iconic capes: Anna's a sweet pink and Elsa's a sheer ethereal white. Prince Hans is also dressed formally, wearing a molded tuxedo. Brave Kristoff, the mountain man, is included too, dressed in his wintry woolens that include large mittens, a warm cap and a colorful belt around his cozy vest. Friends Olaf, a snowman, and Sven, Kristoff's loyal reindeer, complete this set that will allow girls to play out and expand upon this heart-warming story. Set includes four small dolls and two figures.

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Getting sick of Amazon prices!, December 16, 2013
I've been a loyal Amazon customer for years but lately it seems that everything is more expensive on Amazon. These dolls for example are selling for almost HALF this price in stores. COME ON AMAZON! Take some control over the price gouging epidemic by your vendors.

As for the dolls, cute and typical Disney quality, which is good. Great gift for any girl up to age 7 or 8. My daughter asked for this for Christams and she is 8. Gave it to my 3 yr old niece for her birthday and she loves it.

You should be able to buy this just about anywhere for $15-25. 4 stars for the dolls, zero stars for Amazon prices.

**** Update **** 12/17/2013

I purchased another one today at Tar get for $19.99, regular price. The first one I purchased for $15 at Tar get (with a buy one Disney item get one half price sale the week after Thanksgiving, so $30 for 2).

Amazon sells this set for WAY too much, January 16, 2014
I just bought this set at Walmart (in store) for just over $20. There's really nothing special about this set, other than all the main characters are in it...so if your child is as big of a Frozen fanatic as mine, they will love it! My main reason for wriing this review is because I think it is important for consumers to know that they are being ripped off by buying this set on Amazon, as it is half the price elsewhere...not to mention the tiny little dolls are not worth $40 (probably not even the $20 that I bought it for). Usually I'm a huge advocate for buying items on Amazon, as the prices are usually better than other places--but this price is ridiculous for this set.

Cute set!, November 6, 2013
For some crazy reason my 3 and 5 year olds love these little disney figures. They have not seen these yet as they are for christmas but I can tell you they will be a big hit!! The characters are wonderfully detailed and always well made.

What a big hit for the granddaughters, January 27, 2014
My granddaughters loved them and also lived the movie .they were very Detailed and sturdy. I was pleased with them .

Buyer Beware - I received the WRONG doll set, May 25, 2014
BOTTOM LINE: If the box doesn't say Mattel & if ALL the clothes are painted-on, you received the WRONG DOLL SET. I ordered this item around May 15, 2014 w/ Amazon Prime, sold by Amazon (not a 3rd party seller). The 6 piece doll sets I received were NOT the correct item listed here. Amazon had mislabeled the cheap knockoff dolls (also sold on this website with the words "figurine" or "PVC")...that I might've considered paying $10 for in a pinch, but not the $25 MSRP on this item. The people who have left recent reviews about the poor quality of this item likely also received the wrong set & just didn't know it. A quick call to Amazon resolved my problem with a refund & prepaid return label.

The correct set contains the typical Mattel 4" moveable doll figures that work with Magiclip sized clothes. They are fantastic & my girls (ages 9, 5, and 3) play with them daily.

Seriously Overpriced, June 7, 2014
Want to buy this for a friends daughter's birthday, but can't because you are WAY over priced. Wal-Mart sells for $25. What the heck!

Loved it!!!, June 27, 2014
We chose this product to use on a birthday cake and it came out brilliantly!! After the cake was cut the kids went wild with a frozen game and their new toys!

Great for on the go!, January 2, 2014
Perfect for my kids! They are a great size to take anywhere! You can't go wrong! Just wish they can with a case!

Daughter loves these, but they don't stand independently very well, April 16, 2014
I noticed that this set of dolls is subject to crazy price spikes, probably due to short supply and high demand. I put it in my cart so that I could keep an eye on the price, then when finally the price came down to a normal range (about 25 dollars using Prime free shipping), I completed the purchase. My 3-year-old loves these, and played with them for 5 hours straight on the day they arrived. They do not stand upright very well because the feet are tiny and the dolls are top-heavy, but that doesn't bother my daughter. Anna and Elsa's skirts are cloth, and are removeable. Anna's cape is plastic, Elsa's cape is mesh cloth, and both are removeable. We have taken the dolls in the bathtub, and none of the facial features washed off (so far). The reindeer's antlers are sort of rubbery, which is better for safety than hard plastic. The snowman's head pops off and snaps back on (not sure it is supposed to do that, but ours does).

Disappointed, June 25, 2014
We have purchased other sets like these for my granddaughter. She loves to play with figurines this size. All were well made, and able to stand on their own. This set, however, is different. Although she still enjoys playing with them, some of the figurines in this set are impossible to stand up, and very flimsy. And for the price I paid, they should have been better than the others!