Disney Frozen Sparkle Princess Elsa Doll

Disney Frozen Sparkle Princess Elsa Doll

Product Description

Elsa of Arendelle from Disney's Frozen is ready to unleash her icy powers
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Elsa's enchanting gown is a one-of-a-kind design
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Just Like in the Movie

Kids will love re-creating Elsa's icy cool adventures in Arendelle with this delightful doll. Featuring true-to-movie details, Elsa wears the signature gown and "icy" cape fans of the film will instantly recognize.

Icy Cool Fashion

Just like Elsa's cool magical powers, this outfit sparkles with details inspired by winter. Her enchanting gown is a one-of-a-kind design recognizable from the Disney movie. She wears an ethereal cape accented with sparkly snowflake designs over her satiny blue dress with glitter details.

Winter Wonderland Accessories

Wearing a sparkly cape, glittery blue shoes and her iconic blue tiara sparkling on top of her long blonde, braided hair, Elsa captures the magic of the film from head to toe. In this lovely look, she is ready to brave the ice and snow and find happiness for the entire kingdom - and herself.

Re-imagine the Magic

Kids will love playing out their favorite scenes from the film as well as creating new adventures for this elegant and enchanting character.

Features true-to-movie character details
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Product Features
  • Celebrate favorite moments from the Disney movie Frozen with Elsa of Arendelle doll
  • Elsa wears a sparkly cape with snowflake details and a satiny blue gown that fans of the film will recognize
  • Her blonde hair is elegantly styled in her signature braid

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BEWARE! KNOCK-OFF!, August 31, 2014
After stalking this doll all summer I was thrilled when it was finally in stock again. However, I quickly became disappointed when it arrived and I opened the box. The doll I was sent was clearly a knock-off and the names Mattel or Disney could not be found anywhere on the packaging. (Although the word "Fashion" was cleverly written above "Elsa" in the distinct Disney script.) The doll didn't even look right... it had a large face/head with large, almost anime eyes and even a huge blue streak through Elsa's hair. I didn't open the box but could see that the clothes appeared shoddily made. I am a huge Amazon fan and probably purchase things weekly from them. Firstly, I was shocked to have received something so poorly constructed but mostly that they were selling knock-offs as the real deal. (The site listed this as a Mattel item.) I ended up buying an authentic Mattel Elsa doll at WalMart for $15.

This doll is wonderful. I see that a common complaint is that ..., August 31, 2014
This doll is wonderful. I see that a common complaint is that you can't remove her entire dress, since the top portion (body and arms) is painted on. I actually love that she can't be naked since my 2 year old loves to undress all the dolls and leave them that way, lol! She is wonderful quality, and I happened to come online when she was on sale for $14.99. Awesome deal! My daughters love her, and their matching Anna doll. Highly recommend.

Strange-looking doll, August 31, 2014
Happy to be able to find an Elsa doll for my daughter, but this doll and the Sparkle Princess Anna are WEIRD looking dolls - they have HUGE cat-like eyes, giant heads, small bodies. And their shirts are molded into the plastic, so they don't come off, only the skirts.

However, my daughter loves them, so they're good enough for me.

My Granddaughter Loves It., August 31, 2014
Thank heavens this is finally available at a reasonable price. My granddaughter loves it -- like all the Disney sparkle princesses, the outer clothes are removable with a molded body suit underneath. Right size, right costume, and it is a "Frozen Doll."

Pretty Mattel doll, August 31, 2014
Pretty Elsa doll from Mattel. This is different from the classic doll issued by Disney store. It has painted upper body but still pretty regardless.

A very good approximation of Elsa and my daughter loves her!, August 31, 2014
A lovely Elsa - while her face isn't true to Elsa in the movie, nor are her clothes, they are a very good approximation. If a true match is desired try the Disney range rather than Mattel. I bought this doll for my 5 year old daughter as she finds the articulated knees her Disney princess dolls of the same size have, tricky to navigate. I must admit when sitting those dolls with bendy joint knees don't sit like princesses (very splay legged!) although I digress! Anyway this Mattel doll has been a firm favourite - the hair is manageable, great to brush and easy to keep tidy and like the Anna doll, it is nice to see NO bald spots! My daughter loves her, I personally find her face a little kooky compared to the movie Elsa, but then, hey it is a child's toy not a replica model!

I love it, August 30, 2014
My niece will love her! Great product. Fast shipping. Thanks.

I was highly disappointed., August 30, 2014
This doll did not arrive with shoes on her feet. I was highly disappointed.

I like it, August 30, 2014

Five Stars, August 29, 2014
Fast delivery , she loves it