Disney Frozen Magiclip Elsa Doll

Disney Frozen Magiclip Elsa Doll

Product Description

This charming collection features adorable Anna and Elsa small dolls from the upcoming Disney feature Frozen. Anna and Elsa are sisters living in the enchanted Kingdom of Arendelle. Each has her own unique personality and style, though their elaborate wardrobes are reflective of their icy kingdom's trends. Each small doll, sold separately, wears a glittery signature fashion with tiara and comes with an additional ombre-colored gown inspired by the movie - both in easy-to-dress MagiClip form. Simply squeeze an outfit to put it on or take it off. With a second fashion, girls can have twice the fun and adventure. Anna looks pretty in a gown with a black bodice and a glittery blue skirt. A pink cape adds a striking (and sensibly warm) touch. Her second fashion showcases her spirited personality with bright reds and blues and a charming Norwegian rosemaling-inspired molded design. Anna's sister Elsa appears elegant in her shimmery blue and white gown with snowflake details on a molded overcoat. A second look in green and pink with a bigger pattern also delights. Girls will love reenacting the adventures of these two different sisters and imagining new ones. Each pack includes one small doll and two fashions. Each sold separately. Ages 3 and older.

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Good quality, September 16, 2014
My kids love it and interchange it's clothes with the other characters they have.

Five Stars, September 15, 2014

My almost 4-year-old loves ALL her Magiclips, September 11, 2014
Great product. My almost 4-year-old loves ALL her MagiClips, but this will probably become her favorite. Thank you! Fast Shipping as well.

Great for little hands, September 11, 2014
I like these magiclip disney princess dolls for young kids. Regular Barbie dolls gets messed up very quick! My daughters age almost 2 yr old and 4 yr old with them frequently. We have the other princesses and all their dresses are interchangeable. Plus it's awesome that their hair is plastic and it fits their little hands perfectly

Clever Product - badly inflated price, September 4, 2014
Obviously, the price here is (gruesomely) marked up, but the product itself is pretty ingenious. When I first bought one of these for my daughter, I figured I'd have to plan on super-gluing one dress in place and hiding the other - she's young enough that some flimsy clamshell outfit which pops on and off would be more trouble than it was worth.

These magiclip dolls are pretty clever, though. The dresses are easy to remove and replace, but they're not going to pop off on their own - which is about all you can ask for. Aside from the price, these suckers are great.

My girls love the Magiclip dolls, September 3, 2014
My girls love the Magiclip dolls, so it was nice to find Elsa & Anna characters for their growing collection. They are the perfect size; my girls even mix them with their Polly Pocket dolls when playing. We couldn't find the Elsa doll in any of the stores where we live, but Amazon had them - and at a reasonable price.

Five Stars, September 1, 2014
loved it

Five Stars, August 31, 2014
Its so easy for my 3 year old grand daughter to manage. She loves it,

Good for fine motor development and imaginative play, August 29, 2014
Bought these along with the frozen ice palace, for my 3 year old granddaughter. She spends endless hours playing with them! Good for fine motor development and imaginative play. Very reasonably priced. Great gift!

Cute !, August 26, 2014
Very cute, our 3 and 5 yr old girls love these. We used them as plane toys because they are small but entertaining. And anything Frozen is pretty awesome in our house right now :-)