New WL V911 4 CH Single Rotor Helicopter Version 2 *New & Improved* Black

New WL V911 4 CH Single Rotor Helicopter Version 2 *New & Improved* Black

Product Description

This is the newest version of the WL V911 helicopter, with new and improved battery compartment. The batteries are now snapped into place into the helicopter rather than hanging while flying in the first version. WL V911 is one of the best 4 Channel beginner/intermediate hobby helicopter out in the market, with full 4 Channel function. 3 Channel coaxial helicopters are great to begin, but if you are looking to step into the next level and enter a whole new level of fun, the WL V911 is great for you! The first of its kind (toy-hobby) that is able to fly well outdoor with light to mild wind. The single propeller design allows for great speed, flexibility and agility. It flies just like a hummingbird! Come and see why the whole RC community is raving about this helicopter at a fraction of the cost of more expensive hobby helicopter, but with performance that meets and exceeds expectations. Comes equipped with everything needed to fly including: 2.4 Ghz transmitter Helicopter 2 batteries (new and improved version) instruction manual .Test fly the new and improved WL V911 today! Please Note: the original battery will not fit into this new version. Please only buy the new version battery!

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Excellent indoor, sometimes outdoor., October 14, 2014
This thing is a beast. The remote is great as well. To fly outdoors you must have very little wind, but that is to be expected. It's fun to fly indoors, but it's no comparison to the fun you will have flying outdoors. Just make sure to practice first. The first couple flights I did ended up with the helicopter finally crashing about 3 neighbors yards away as I chased the thing trying to get it to go the right direction. Once you get it down you will be amazed how well you can control this guy. Now I buzz my kids, myself, and my wife (to her utter dismay) and it's a ton of fun. I've had this for about 4 months and crashed it probably a hundred times and it is still somehow together. For the money I don't know how you could beat this.

Five Stars, October 14, 2014
Love this toy. Best in its size class.

love it, October 14, 2014
super heli love to fly it AAA+++

dont go too high. flies great, October 13, 2014
Flew great from the start. I upgraded to an aluminum swash plate and it hovered beautifully. It was a calm day so I. Flew outside and decided to see how high it would go. Answer, higher than you can control it. It wasn't as calm higher up. It kept drifting and didn't have enough power to fight the wind. It was about 100' up and drifted out of sight. Even with no throttle input it got lift and kept going. Never found it 😢. So i ordered another one 😊. I got about fifty flawless flights before loosing it. Great beginners heli. Not for the wind though.

I think I am a slow learner. The transition ..., October 11, 2014
I think I am a slow learner. The transition from the coaxial main rotor control to this is difficult. I think somebody could sell a lot of coaxial rotor helos if the direction control was on the left stick with the throttle as in the single rotor helos and just have fwd and back on the right stick.

Great 'copter that's fun and flies great, October 10, 2014
bbbrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, whhhhiiizzzzzz brrrrrrrrrr.... flying all around the house, flying around outside, flying wherever I want! I love this little copter! I'm somewhat experienced so I would probably recommend starting out with a quad copter first, but if you get the hang of that, this is the obvious next step. Price and performance, you can't beat it. Buy tons of extra batteries though. Not because they only last about 9 minutes, but because after 1/2 and hour you will still want to fly! My last session was over 90 minutes with my 10 batteries :) It's really a well built, awesome little copter.

I wanted to badly to like this helicopter, October 5, 2014
Oh where to start? I wanted to badly to like this helicopter. This helicopter is so light, any little breeze (outside or from the AC) will completely make this go nuts. The helicopter is fast, but what is the point if you can barely fly this outside? Save your money, purchase a quadcopter as they control much better and serve as a much better introduction to this hobby.

Helicopter, September 29, 2014
great plane ...good price...would do business again

at first it was great. It flew perfectly in the wind, September 29, 2014
Claude Steen
I got this helicopter a few days ago, at first it was great. It flew perfectly in the wind.
the next day it still flew okay, it landed nice and soft.then
yesterday it went out of control, crashed!!!, snapped
the top blade right off. so if you want to buy this
helicopter change your mind

Not as durable as claimed, September 29, 2014
Bought this for my grandson for his birthday. It's a nice helicopter but a slight bump and the fly bar needs to be replaced. A bit disappointing after reading reviews that it was durable.