New WL V911 4 CH Single Rotor Helicopter Version 2 *New & Improved* Black

New WL V911 4 CH Single Rotor Helicopter Version 2 *New & Improved* Black

Product Description

This is the newest version of the WL V911 helicopter, with new and improved battery compartment. The batteries are now snapped into place into the helicopter rather than hanging while flying in the first version. WL V911 is one of the best 4 Channel beginner/intermediate hobby helicopter out in the market, with full 4 Channel function. 3 Channel coaxial helicopters are great to begin, but if you are looking to step into the next level and enter a whole new level of fun, the WL V911 is great for you! The first of its kind (toy-hobby) that is able to fly well outdoor with light to mild wind. The single propeller design allows for great speed, flexibility and agility. It flies just like a hummingbird! Come and see why the whole RC community is raving about this helicopter at a fraction of the cost of more expensive hobby helicopter, but with performance that meets and exceeds expectations. Comes equipped with everything needed to fly including: 2.4 Ghz transmitter Helicopter 2 batteries (new and improved version) instruction manual .Test fly the new and improved WL V911 today! Please Note: the original battery will not fit into this new version. Please only buy the new version battery!

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One Star, September 22, 2014
Fell apart after 1 use

One Star, September 21, 2014
hard to control and breaks easily

Great little heli, September 17, 2014
Great little heli. Small enough to fly inside. Handles light to moderate wind well, after practicing. Make sure to order the spare screw set and a spare set of blades at the same time. The extra batteries a must. The whole package can be had for under a hundred bucks and is a ton of fun.

Nice Helicopter, September 17, 2014
Very easy to Fly Helicopter. Batteries last between 5-8 minutes depending on the original battery or the 200mAh extra batteries you purchase. Does not do very well in any wind.

Great Little Choppers, September 16, 2014
I love these choppers and own 3. The description for these are misleading though. There are basically 2 models of V-911, there is the standard V-911 (which has gone through some changes to improve the battery plug and they are sold typically just as a V-911) and then their is the pro 2 which improved stability by adding a more rigid main frame and landing gear and I believe they also upgraded the circuitry. When I purchased this because of the wording of the description of the item, I thought I was purchasing the pro 2, not so. I do not think the seller is intentionally misleading people but they should revise the description or state in the details that this is not a version 2 pro. The price on this is fair for the v-911 and would have been even better had it been the pro-2. I would still recommend the purchase as these little babies are fun and if you don't mind working on them and have the skill you can keep these flying indefinitely, just order your spare parts ahead of time because some are available through US warehouses but most are coming out of china via the slow boat which normally takes between 7-14 days and as long as a month in worst case scenario. So stock up they are cheap and better to have the spares waiting then have to wait up to month to fly again.

One of my favorites, September 15, 2014
Great 4 Ch Heli. This thing is fast too! Master it indoors before attempting to fly outside. Its strong and reacts well to the controls. Its alot of fun. the charging system, transmitter are very good. Also comes with 2 batteries. Not expensive. I have a few RC Helis and this one is my favorite. You wont be disappointed.

Five Stars, September 15, 2014
great heli.

Not happy with it at all, September 12, 2014
I got it on time but was missing ball linkage and blade was cracked. It worked for about 2 flights and tail rotor motor broke ordered another one but now the batterys that came with it won't work. Not happy with it at all. I wouldn't recommend this mini helicopter to any one.

My son loves this item!, September 11, 2014
Very pleased. My son loves this item!

I hate it, September 9, 2014
very fragile