New WL V911 4 CH Single Rotor Helicopter Version 2 *New & Improved* Black

New WL V911 4 CH Single Rotor Helicopter Version 2 *New & Improved* Black

Product Description

This is the newest version of the WL V911 helicopter, with new and improved battery compartment. The batteries are now snapped into place into the helicopter rather than hanging while flying in the first version. WL V911 is one of the best 4 Channel beginner/intermediate hobby helicopter out in the market, with full 4 Channel function. 3 Channel coaxial helicopters are great to begin, but if you are looking to step into the next level and enter a whole new level of fun, the WL V911 is great for you! The first of its kind (toy-hobby) that is able to fly well outdoor with light to mild wind. The single propeller design allows for great speed, flexibility and agility. It flies just like a hummingbird! Come and see why the whole RC community is raving about this helicopter at a fraction of the cost of more expensive hobby helicopter, but with performance that meets and exceeds expectations. Comes equipped with everything needed to fly including: 2.4 Ghz transmitter Helicopter 2 batteries (new and improved version) instruction manual .Test fly the new and improved WL V911 today! Please Note: the original battery will not fit into this new version. Please only buy the new version battery!

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Binding problem very common, google it!, November 25, 2014
I'm sure its a great product based on all the reviews, however, the transmitter couldn't bind to the heli. I did what the manual said and a thousand different things found on the internet. Apparently its a common problem, so I've order another one figures crossed!

Product arrived Damaged, November 24, 2014
The Product is probably great. It arrived Damaged and unusable. The left Joystick was broke.

Hats off to RC Toys Village.., November 24, 2014
I ordered the v911 on a Friday morning heading into the holidays, at 8 in the morning. Free delivery was guaranteed by 8 pm Sunday however, my package arrived at about 11am THE NEXT DAY! Now, getting here to Wisconsin in a little less than 27 hours surely you would expect scorching or black carbon residue all over the outer packaging from the velocity at which it must have been shipped but no... inner and outer boxes were pristine as though my order was simply walked across the street. The box included everything as pictured.
I had gotten into rc helicopters about a year ago starting with a 3 channel coaxial bladerunner on a whim. I had too much fun with it. I know this because being maxed out on enjoyment, 3 of my friends (and counting) were expiriencing contact fun, so much so that they each bought one.(well, one I gifted as we are of an age where we no longer "play" with "toys". Pffft. He is now my closest competitor in skills & equipment!!) It has become a good excuse for us all to travel and visit each other and so on.
So, equipment. After looking at what's out there at my skill level (on youtube) and price range (on amazon), I made the jump from 3 channel/ coaxial to a 4 channel wltoys v913 . It's everything I've ever really wanted in an r.c.helicopter. It looks, sounds, and manuvers like a 'real' helicopter in flight so it is blast to watch when throwing in tricks AND it has plenty of power to carry an old cell phone or a go-pro for some cool shots or video, plus it is wired to control a stock camera (sold separately) or anything the casual r.c.hobbyist would care to devise (making it 4.5 channel I suppose). Two drawbacks though. One, learning to fly 4 channel was expensive until I found Think RC, a website that has many of the common replacement parts for v913 & v911 for $1-$3 and most everything arrives in 2-3 days. Two, the v913 will not fly in Temperatures much below 50 degrees. Even after trying a brand-new control board, radio contact is intermittently broken. Sooo I ordered the v911 to get me through the winter and am very impressed. I'm glad I bought the v913 first or I may not have ever felt the need to upgrade! Flight contols and characteristics are virtually twins. The v911 is a bit zippy-er but isn't Faster than the v913 ....think doberman vs toy doberman... Although the v911 comes with everything you need you can use the stock v913 radio with it and have a few more controls that are inexplicably, not built into the v911's stock radio. Essentially, all the positive reviews of the v911 I have found to be accurate, there ARE other 4 channel mini's out there for around the $300 mark but unless you cash your paycheck based on how well your miniature helicopter flies, and with no obvious differences in even the frame, this is THE 4 channel mini to buy. always check the screws out of the box to be sure they're tight but not too tight (yes, both ways) Wheras the v913 is not to be crashed, No, not even accidently, the v911 can allow you some spectacular 'learning flights'. It's elegance is in its simplicity; there are no pieces of this aircraft that aren't nesessary for flight or landing so it VERY forgiving! I was blown away recently when after losing two different mixing arms I was able to fashion a couple out of the tie down straps from the box it comes in with only vague performance loss until the new ones arrived! Let's face it, if you've taken the time to read all these reviews, you are ready for this heli. Enjoy!

it's a lot of fun! Make sure to get extra battrties an they ..., November 23, 2014
Hard to learn to control, directions are not very clear but once you figure it out, it's a lot of fun! Make sure to get extra battrties an they do not last long on a charge. My 11 yr old is having a blast!!

Amazing, November 23, 2014
Wow. I've crashed this thing literally over a hundred times since I've got it and I havent even had to replace a prop yet. Not even close. I can say its different from flying quads in the way it acts. But its very stable and agile. Some of my crashes have been full speed. Some from flying out of funnels. Some just getting too close to things. It just never stops. Great indoor heli for just learning little tricks. You won't be dissapointed.

Super Fun, November 21, 2014
So much fun and easy to learn to fly. Takes crashes well. I would definitely order the 5 pcs combo 200 mah batteries to arrive with this zippy little bird. You won't be ready to put it down after the 2 stock batteries need charged.

Wouldn't recommend., November 20, 2014
Didn't come with instruction manual. Luckily, my boyfriend knew a guy with the same exact one STORE BOUGHT. Very difficult to operate. Definitely not a children's toy. Broke within a week. Not surprising since its so hard to operate. You don't just move the knobs anfld fly it, you have to constantly calibrate it BEFORE it crashes.

Five Stars, November 12, 2014

Great toy, November 11, 2014
Great toy, easy to fly if you have flown the little dual rotor copters. I crash it regular and have only had to replace on of the blades. Flys outside with no problems.

Five Stars, November 10, 2014
Great little helicopter