New WL V911 4 CH Single Rotor Helicopter Version 2 *New & Improved* Black

New WL V911 4 CH Single Rotor Helicopter Version 2 *New & Improved* Black

Product Description

This is the newest version of the WL V911 helicopter, with new and improved battery compartment. The batteries are now snapped into place into the helicopter rather than hanging while flying in the first version. WL V911 is one of the best 4 Channel beginner/intermediate hobby helicopter out in the market, with full 4 Channel function. 3 Channel coaxial helicopters are great to begin, but if you are looking to step into the next level and enter a whole new level of fun, the WL V911 is great for you! The first of its kind (toy-hobby) that is able to fly well outdoor with light to mild wind. The single propeller design allows for great speed, flexibility and agility. It flies just like a hummingbird! Come and see why the whole RC community is raving about this helicopter at a fraction of the cost of more expensive hobby helicopter, but with performance that meets and exceeds expectations. Comes equipped with everything needed to fly including: 2.4 Ghz transmitter Helicopter 2 batteries (new and improved version) instruction manual .Test fly the new and improved WL V911 today! Please Note: the original battery will not fit into this new version. Please only buy the new version battery!

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New WL V911 4 CH Single Rotor Helicopter, August 23, 2014
This one will require some practice and patience. My first step up from the Syma copter. I find it difficult to control on a three quarter acre lot. Seems to gravitate towards the neighbors pool. Something about that fence attracts this bird to it. I have to kill the throttle to keep it from going swimming. And there is always a light breeze blowing in that Direction. I wish I had some footage of what happened this morning. I had it hovering in one spot, but slowly climbing. I noticed in the distance a spot between the neighbors oaks. The spot quickly got bigger and bigger. A large hawk or osprey came blazing in. Just before latching on to my new toy, the wings spread out wide showing off the huge wing span. The copter blades still spinning, the giant decided he/she wasn't that hungry after all and dropped it on the neighbors yard nearly a block away. The battery popped out at some point. But, I still have a spare. And five more on the way. Another thing about this thing I don't like. A good smack on a hard surface will pop the battery right out. Trying to think of some way to secure it to the frame. It did this once before when it landed hard on the roof of my house. Not the first time it's landed on the roof. If the battery is still in place, and strong enough, I can goose the throttle, turn the blades and get it back upright. Then fly is off the roof.

My favorite model to fly anytime, August 23, 2014
I have flown RC for many years and own more planes and helis than I can count. I can easily say this is my absolute FAVORITE bird. I can pull it out and fly it anywhere and anytime. It is very precise in its controls so you can put it exactly where you want to in a small space. I love this little heli!

Five Stars, August 22, 2014
Great helicopter, easy to fly.

Five Stars, August 19, 2014
Challenging, making progress and enjoying every moment

The best 4 channel mini RC Heli..... Period., August 16, 2014
The best 4 channel mini heli period. You cannot beat the price to performance value of this package. The V911 files wonderfully and is an absolute blast. I have several helis (4 & 6 channel) and the V911 get a majority of the flight time. This little guy has been crashed dozens of times and has never had a broken part. Even the retail box is wonderful and (with a could of quick mods) makes a great carrying case. I highly recommend this package for anyone moving up from coaxial to 4 channel and even for experienced pilot who just want to have a blast.

have fun doing that, August 15, 2014
dont believe all the hype.wait till you crash .sooner or later the linkage to the blade and balance bar links come off.have fun doing that.i spent over 2 hours one day trying to get them back i give it a 2.

Dead rotor right out of thenbox, August 15, 2014
Returned, the tail rotor was doa

This is really cool, you can fly outside with little to no ..., August 14, 2014
This is really cool, you can fly outside with little to no wind, the tail rotor wire broke when I crashed it, rather than send it back I just soldered it back together myself, working good, takes some practice to fly without crashing.

The "wings" broke on the first crash. Not much ..., August 13, 2014
The "wings" broke on the first crash. Not much time for a learning curve. But it had an extra pair. They broke as well. Touchy controls. But what I expected. Not really unhappy. Next time I'm getting a quad.

Would not bind controller: Figured out how to fix, August 12, 2014
Received a defective helicopter. It would not bind with the controller, as many others have experienced. I found out what the problem was, so I suggest anybody with the same problem should check it out. The silver ring that is around the joysticks prevents the throttle from going down all the way, even though it will show on the LCD screen as being down all the way. If you pop it out, the joystick will be able to move down that last millimeter or half a millimeter that it needs to be 100% disengaged. It then has no problem binding. Basically, it's the result of sub par assembly.

I was going to return it, but got it working after I figured that out, but now it's stuck on the roof of my apt. complex because it's hard has hell to control ;[