RoadHead - Adult Board Game

RoadHead - Adult Board Game

Product Description

For couples looking to add a little more joy to the bedroom, RoadHead is the most flexible adult game ever conceived. Filled with humor, strategy, and new positions you're guaranteed to never have tried before, Roadhead is the newest way to spice up your love life. Game play is fun and easy: Race across America to collect money and build your own personal erotic fantasy from some of the most titillating and steamiest written positions that you can act out with your partner when you win! It's all up to you! With this game each player can be in control of what they want; a short game, a long game, erotic challenges and activities. You can play over and over again to experience a fun fulled, highly charged, wild joy ride each and every time you play! Join the adult game revolution and experience your wildest desires, by ordering RoadHead today!

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An OK game, May 23, 2014
This game was ok. The instructions were OK. The idea was good, but the play of the game and the finish of the game were not very good. You seem to be allowed to travel anywhere and in any direction. You collect money for following through with certain sexual cards. Some of the positions seem interesting, but by the end of the game, you have collected a ton of sex cards and it seems almost overwhelming to try to follow through with each act. By the end, we thought there was too much process to following each card and just threw the game out of the way to carry on. I think I would have been more stimulated playing strip poker or some modified version or strip monopoly. I wanted to throw the game away after playing it, but my girlfriend insisted we keep it as I bought it for her as a gift. Maybe I'm just bad at this game, but it definitely wasn't my cup of tea.

Unique and fun!, March 3, 2014
This game isn't as risque as I thought but that made it more fun for my husband and I. You can make the game as long as you want too by picking out how many cities in the beginning of the game. It's a great way to connect and try something different!

RoadHead is the Greatest!!!, February 7, 2014
YOLO If you like a sense of adventure and good clean and maybe not so clean adult fun, this is the game for you! Makes every road trip a total trip.

Who knows if it's good. Still haven't opened yet., January 16, 2014
So I thought this might be cute for my wife and I but hell we haven't even opened it yet. Kinda hard to enjoy something still in the box wouldn't you say? Might be fun or might just feel strange to play a game centered around our intimate lives. Although it's hard to take the time to play a game like this when the 5 or 8 year old could come in and ask what the hell we are doing. Could you imagine trying to explain this game to a kid? Ah...hi kids...mommy and daddy were just ah...playing a ah....hey look!...squirrel!

adult playtime, April 14, 2013
it,s a fun board game for adult couples, but there are allot more fun adult board games out there
the game is not well thought of ,if you have some other adult games to compare it with you know what i mean
it,s worth a shot for the money if you want to game up your bedroom life

Didn't like it, March 11, 2013
Didn't like the language used on the cards/the way the tasks were written. It was also too much too fast.
We got XXXopoly instead and already played it once and loved it!

FUN, February 27, 2013
Got this for my fiance for Christmas as a "fun" gift that we could both enjoy. She loves the game and we have played it multiple times. Recommend for any couple.

Great game!, January 29, 2013
Great game especially for anyone wanting to spice things up in their relationship. Lots of "fun" activity and laughs!! Super fast shipment!!!

LOVE IT!!, January 17, 2013
My husband and I had such a great time playing. We were telling our friends and they can't wait to get their own. Fun way to make your way across the United States. Love the board and design/cards. Can't say enough good thing about this game!! GET IT!!

Awesome game!, December 14, 2012
This game is so unique. Awesome ideas and great bonding experiences! I would reccomend this game for anyone looking to spice things up! Fun for all ages.