LEGO Creator Expert Winter Village Cottage 10229

LEGO Creator Expert Winter Village Cottage 10229

Product Description

Get cozy in the LEGO Creator Winter Village Cottage (10229)! Build a holiday home with the Winter Village Cottage! There's no cozier place to spend long, frosty nights! The LEGO Creator Winter Village Cottage (10229) features: 8 MiniFigures: mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, 3 children and snowplow driver with assorted accessories; Cottage, storage shed, igloo, streetlamp, sled and snowplow; Accessories include kitten, owl, fireplace with LEGO light brick function, chandelier, Christmas tree, wreath, gifts, armchair, kitchen appliances and bed; Storage shed features tools and firewood elements; Igloo features fireplace and removable roof; Rare elements and colors included; Detach the snowplow to store it in the back of the truck!; Make the fireplace glow with the LEGO light brick!; Decorate the cottage!; Fetch firewood with the sled!; Drive the snowplow!

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Wonderful lego set!!, March 30, 2014
This is a beautiful set and nails the feel of a cozy winter getaway! I love the design and all the little details. If you find this set....BUY IT!!

Most beautiful lego set ever made!, March 25, 2014
I know this lego set is pricey, but my son wanted it so bad for his birthday so we got it for him, and it is so beautiful!! It has a lot of great pieces and assecories with it, my son loves it and plays with it every day, if you are a lego lover, you will love this set! The light up fireplace is so cool!!!!!

Lego Village, March 6, 2014
We are total Lego fans... I am the grandmother and I have Legos, my children love them and always have and now our grandchildren do. We love that Amazon frequently has sales on Legos too.

Awesome set for boys or girls!, February 25, 2014
Got this for my 8 year old daughter for Christmas--just the right level of difficulty to challenge but not frustrate her. Love all the different components of the winter scene that allow multiple kids to play with it at once--snow plow, sled, etc. The ski chalet (with the light-up fire) is especially cool!

Wife is a Lego/Christmas fan, this set has it all, February 19, 2014
The level of detail and sheer number of pieces makes this set a great value. Sad that it is discontinued (or at least impossible to find) but we are excited to see what Lego releases next for the Christmas theme in the expert creator lineup.

A gift you can count on to please, February 13, 2014
My great-nephews are in high school and one in college, but nothing or no one dampens their love of Legos - ordered as a gift and they were obviously thrilled to receive it.

One of the best Lego Creator builds, February 8, 2014
It is not just about Christmas, it is about having fun building a set with lots of detail to enjoy and share with others. If you watch the YouTube videos on this set you will here the reviewers describe how it is just a tiny bit down in satisfaction from the 'Pet Shop' and I would have to agree with that. Those video reviews can tell you much more than one can put in a short review if you want to know a lot more. Otherwise, order this set knowing it will be fun and retain its value over time. This is because the Lego Winter Cottage sets typically are sold only a few years and then collectors want them and will pay considerably higher prices (think double in a few years) to have them. Most toys are essentially given away in garage sales. These are worth selling once you have enjoyed tham and ready to move on to others. Nice!

Tremendous value at 99.99, February 1, 2014
This was easily the best lego set I've purchased for $99.99. We built it as a family before Christmas over a span of three nights, about 2 hours each night. Obviously we could have gone a lot faster but we had fun with it. For the same price we could have gone to the movie theater once and not had nearly as much quality time together.

We will definitely be buying the new winter set next year to add to our collection.

Another great Lego product, January 24, 2014
I bought this for my 10 1/2 year old son for Christmas. He was totally able to build it himself, and it is a really great set that can be played with. The light up "fire" brick is an added bonus. The only downer is that it was missing a critical piece, but Lego mailed it to us free of charge. This was worth the money.

christmas tradition, January 17, 2014
my 8 year old grandson loves legos and we started a tradition with this lego to put together a series of these legos every year til he out grows them (which will probably be never since his dad and his uncle still put them together