Talking Sock Monkey Pipsqueaks

Talking Sock Monkey Pipsqueaks

Product Description

This Sock Monkey Pipsqueak will be spreading laughter all around! Speak to the toy sock monkey and this toy sock monkey will repeat your words back to you, but in a higher and funnier pitch! This hilarious talking stuffed animals possess voice changer technology that will have you chuckling out of control. You won't be the only one that finds it funny either! These silly Pipsqueaks will start shaking with laughter after they've replay your voice. You won't be able to control yourself from laughing right along with it. Perfect for those people in your life who love a little silliness!

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Cute monkey, July 12, 2014
Very cute and great fun. The responding answers often are a little garbled but the grandchildren love it.

great monkey, May 27, 2014
loved it laugh all the time with it. My girlfriend has just about ever one of them, I got one for her and one for her Mother

Mumbling sock monkey!, January 14, 2014
First off, the batteries that come with it are worthless. They are dead when you get the monkey. Luckily, I had read some reviews that said the same thing, so, when they didn't work, I changed the batteries and that solved the problem. The monkey does repeat what you said, but it is more mumbling than talking. They were purchased as gag gifts for my grown sons, so they served their purpose, but I wouldn't spend the money otherwise.

Not worth it, December 31, 2013
Not a great product. It's hard to hear what the monkey is saying and it picks up background noise so it just sounds like mumbles.

How can you not love a sock monkey that talks back!, December 31, 2013
The person to whom this gift was given, found it to be absolutely adorable and hilarious! It doesn't quite look like the classic sock monkey in the mouth, but that was made clear in the photo prior to purchase. Worth the cost and wait! Thanks!

He is so darn cute!, December 20, 2013
I love love love this little guy. He repeats back what you tell him in a darling voice and he's going to be my Xmas exchange present this year at our family gathering. Overpriced yes! But I don't even mind cause he is so hilarious. Arrived promptly.

Laughed all day., September 19, 2013
this little monkey made me laugh more than i had for years. this will lift anyone's spirits. My friends love it too.

3yr old loves it, June 13, 2013
She pretends it's her baby and she's teaching him to talk. It's cute and she LOVES it! I'd recommend it.

Lots of Laughs, June 3, 2013
These little guys are hilarious. I ordered three for birthday presents and all were a hit. One immediately needed a battery change which was disappointing. If you have two, and speak to one, set them so they face one another and then watch as they mimic one another back and forth...very fun. Both kids and adults had some great laughs playing with these little guys.

Cute little guy!, May 16, 2013
This is the funniest little animal ever! I use him in my office to ease fears of little ones coming to see the Dentist! He has been a hit with everyone - old and young!