Tomy International Thomas Wooden Railway Victor Comes to Sodor

Victor, February 25, 2014
Another Thomas train that your children will enjoy for years to come. These trains are made to last so don't hesitate spending on these. My grandsons Love All the trains and were so happy to see this one Inside the package.

My son loves it!, August 6, 2013
My son has about 30 of these trains and loves it when he gets a new one. Victor happens to be his favorite, so getting the "Victor Comes to Sodor" version was very exciting. The craftsmanship is surprisingly good, given the junk in toy stores today.

Great addition to the collection, April 5, 2013
Well-made addition to my son's collection. Great movie tie-in to the Blue Mountain Mystery, and this brings superb bright color to the darker ones.

Yellow Victor, February 17, 2013
My son loves Thomas the train and all the other many engines. He explained that Victor use to be yellow but now is red. He really wanted this one. I read the reviews and liked the price. My son's very pleased with his "yellow Victor".

we <3 Victor, February 7, 2013
Victor is one of our favorite characters and we favor the wooden sets so this little guy is perfect. This one is going to the younger boy and Sea Soaked Victor to the older. I'm as excited as they to get them both.

Another wooden engine for the Thomas and Friends fan in your home, February 4, 2013
This engine is linked to the Blue Mountain Mystery story / DVD that was released in 2012. So, if you have a Thomas and Friends fan in your house, then you are going to probably be looking to add to the collection!

spot on, December 12, 2012
Spot on Havent got time to review this more its such a small item. Postage ok always expensive from US.

so happy, November 27, 2012
This engine was a great addition to my son's collection! He loved it and fellow parents were excited to see that such a new character was already out!

Great addition to collection!, July 31, 2012
My 3 yr. old grandson collects all the trains in Sodor so this new color of Victor was a nice surprise for him since he thought he had them all. Very well made, as most Tomy products are, and is a great addition to his collection of over a hundred trains (and he knows every one by their face!). I believe this one is coming out in the new movie this fall. We love these trains and the videos because they encourage a healthy imagination while he uses the vehicles from the construction set to help the other trains when they go off track, he can spend hours creating different scenarios of play!