Campfire Kids Campfire

Campfire Kids Campfire

Product Description

The Campfire Kids Campfire brings the great outdoors ... indoors.Gather 'round the campfire and enjoy the night by your own woodsy firelight. This simulated fire features a fan-powered flickering flame that is safe and cool to the touch. Glowing "embers" and realistic log design make this the natural "hotspot" for indoor campers! The no-heat firelight looks real, but feels cool! Includes 4 AA batteries. Ages 3 and up.

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Very cute toy., September 7, 2014
Kids like this for their "pretend" campfire outside of their tent. Really cute. It is a bit noisy and turns on quite easily so be prepared to be a bit annoyed at times. It doesnt look realistic but works well enough for the imagination.

but the pretend flame is very flimsy and tore pretty easily., August 16, 2014
My son loves this, but the pretend flame is very flimsy and tore pretty easily.

Five Stars, July 7, 2014
Put the fun in the indoor camping experience for our seven year old grandson.

Five Stars, July 1, 2014
The Grandsons love this! They have the other sets that go with it and have so much fun:)

cute but delicate!, March 27, 2014
Campfire cloth pulled out in the first week we had it. It is only held in by a few threads on two posts, so it is quite delicate

fun for sleepovers, March 11, 2014
I purchased 2 of these for gifts - 6 year old boy and 8 year old girl, fun for sleepovers, it playing in indoor tents, just relaxing eating “toasted” marshmallows. The light is a nice effect the fan sound is kind of soothing. The kids seem to really like them, they don’t like real camping, so I wasn’t sure.
I kind of wish it had an auto shut off, to save batteries, but it is not a big battery hog. I paid $15.99, I have seen them for more – II would not pay more $20 for this.

So Cool., March 7, 2014
This is the coolest play campfire ever. It looks real and it was a great gift for the newest lil camper. Lots of fun for playtime.

this is real neat, February 13, 2014
the fire actually looks like it is burning, goes great with the tent and camping supplies I bought for my grandsons

VBS decorations, January 23, 2014
This was very cool. The kids loved playing with it. It made a very good decoration!! My daughter still will play with it every now & then.

Adorable for a 3yr old., January 21, 2014
We got this for a friend's 3-year old who loves to play camping. He thinks it's the best thing ever. It's not super-realistic to a grown-up, but is pretty good. I can see how to a 3 year old, with a typical pre-schooler imagination, how it's the real deal. The perfect addition to a play camp site.