Air Hogs - Sharp Shooter - Blue

Air Hogs - Sharp Shooter - Blue

Product Description

No target is safe from the pin point accuracy of the missile-launching Sharpshooter. Take aim and blast your enemies with the push of a button. Use your arsenal of plastic missiles to attack stationary targets or engage in full on air-to-air combat - Just steady, aim, fire. With Steady Fly Technology you can engage targets like never before. Turn any room into the ultimate battleground with the Air Hogs Sharpshooter.

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Junky, November 9, 2014
Junky air Hog, Piece of helicopter fell off and broke it's ok.

One Star, October 6, 2014
It is so hard to fly

Its okay, September 12, 2013
I was given this by amazon for a mistake made in my order, its okay but, the left missle dont fire and that makes it unbalanced,I would complain about it to amazon but after the whole helicoptor blade order screw up, by the seller and hassle to get it fixed,I am switching brands to a coptor that I can get replacement parts for,You Break an AirHog,,they dont make parts to repair them,and for that, this is my last airhog,to bad was going to take the kid up step by step to the big ones,AirHogs loss

Bad helicopter, August 4, 2013
I basically have 2 issues with thw Air Hog:
1) it is very unstable and difficultt to trim. Unlike the syma helicopters the air hog keeps spinning and spinningand it is really difficult to trim and stop the spinning. Thus the flying experience is mediocre at best.
2) It does not allow for wall charging only charging through the remote control whch means more battery drain. Tjhe syma helicopter gives you the choice of remote control or through a Usb whch you can plug into the wall with an iphone charger.
The only neat thing about the air hog is the missiles, but this does not make up for it's shortcomings.

Fun Fun Fun, January 25, 2013
is an excellent toy is perfect for outdoor flying highly recommended, has a lot of stability, records video perfectly, even the limited flight time is perfect for children and adults, is highly resistant to impacts

Good rc, May 14, 2012
We got this. It was fun. I learned to fly it. Cave man!

Yeah sorry about my caveman. Anyway I don't fly it anymore because my dad forgot the controller was on the back of the car and it fell off.

Too Fragile, Too Frustrating for Long-Term Fun, March 13, 2012
Sadly, this toy helicopter spent more time on my son's Christmas wish list than it did in his hands. My son took great care and, within an hour, had learned the controls well enough to fly the helicopter from his bedroom down the hallway to the living room.

I feel fortunate that we picked this up for less than $15 instead of paying full retail price. I estimate my son got about two weekends of enjoyment out of the Air Hogs Sharpshooter before a series of problems regulated the helicopter to the toy bin. Many things cause the helicopter to drop out of the air like a stone:

* Signal interference;
* Outdoor wind conditions;
* The trim is touchy and difficult to master.
* Controller charging is frustratingly brief.

Speaking of charging, I was stunned to discover that this helicopter takes 6 AA batteries. Even though we use rechargeable batteries, I would have preferred a lower-cost solution.

In summary, I can't recommend the Air Hogs R/C SharpShooter at full retail price. Even if available at less than $15, I'm not sure the savings outweigh the frustration and disappointment sure to follow.

Rating: One star.

Horrid Piece of Junk, February 11, 2012
The charge barely lasts a minute or two, the calibration is dodgy and the controls are extremely limited. Falsely advertised, poorly designed and cheaply manufactured!

helicopter review, January 20, 2012
Very unstable outdoors because of it's light weight. Any breeze at all causes the helicopter to crash. Disappointing for kids and adults.

Flop, January 19, 2012
Don't buy this toy! It lasted two days and then would fly no more, evidently that is common for this toy.