Pack 144 Space Ships: Assortment of 1.5 inch Plastic UFOs in Assorted Colors

Two Stars, November 7, 2014
not very nice, colors are faded and look very cheap. price was OK for the quality

If you're like me, you collect these toy prizes because they ..., September 21, 2014
If you're like me, you collect these toy prizes because they remind us of the glorious 80's.

These ships are much smaller in size than the originals. Possibly due to the molds being re-tooled to cut down on cost.

The upside to this is that they are much more detailed. :) Perfect for customizing and use as gaming miniatures.

I use these as giveaways for my clients. You'd be surprised how many smiles I get.

Four Stars, July 28, 2014
Great for using in sci-fi boardgames for extra spaceships.

Great Math Toys, July 12, 2014
My Kindergarten class loves using these for sorting, counting, or just free play!

really cool, March 22, 2014
These are great cheap toys or a new thing for a hobbiest to dabble with. They can be painted and decorated if you want too. Just wash them first. My only issue is that you don't get all the ships.

Not quite what I was hoping for, March 12, 2014
I like that it has eight styles of ships in four colors, but the bottoms of most of the pieces aren't flat, so they don't sit flat on a table or other surface. Since I bought these to make game tokens, I had to file them down so I could glue them to token bases.

However, I gave some extras to a friend for her grandkids to play with, and they loved them.

I can now launch my silent death armada battle, February 23, 2014
Many Silent Death ship designs as well as a fast attack miniatures for 15mm scifi battle games. Some of those pictured where not included but still enough variety that it will work for what I want to do with them.

BUY - What else do you need to know?, December 20, 2013
Received slightly different, but consistent ships than what's pictured. Definitely recommended and how can you go wrong with the price? If you have any use whatsoever for tiny spaceships, buy it!

Great for games, July 11, 2013
I make board games, and I'm always looking for cheap, mass produced pieces for me to use and these work great. There's actually more types of ships than what are shown in the picture and I didn't get two of the ones shown, butits okay because the new ones look great. Now i just have to order another package or two extra to make sure I have enough of each type, but its all good. Colors are much more neon in person.