The Dangerous Book for Boys Classic Chemistry Science Kit

The Dangerous Book for Boys Classic Chemistry Science Kit

Product Description

Based on the bestselling children's book The Dangerous Book for Boys, this kit presents chemistry every kid should know through fun, engaging, and impressive experiments and activities. Learn about atoms, elements, and the periodic table by building simple models. Experiment with compounds, mixtures, solutions, and suspensions. Discover ionic and covalent bonding. Perform chemical reactions involving acids and bases, indicators, salts, and electrochemistry. Explore examples of important metals, metalloids, and nonmetals, and then conduct chemistry experiments with them. Investigate topics in organic chemistry such as alcohols, proteins, and plastics. Make plastic out of milk, a stink bomb, a smoke bomb, and colorful slime.

"The Dangerous Book for Boys" was a national bestseller that has spawned the "Dangerous Book for Boys" Chemistry Set. Featuring an informative,well-designed instruction book and retro packaging that mirrors the nostalgic design of the "Dangerous Book for Boys," the chemistry set offers a variety of experiments that teach as well as entertain. Created for children ages eight and up, the toy offers numerous opportunities for parent-child collaboration and bonding. Parents will definitely want to supervise when kids are using this set since it contains potentially harmful chemicals. However, a little danger, is all in the spirit of the "Dangerous Book for Boys."

The Dangerous Book for Boys
Classic Chemistry
    Ages: 8+

    Requires: Various household materials and supplies to perform experiments
What We Think

Fun factor:
Ease of assembly:
Educational factor:
Novelty factor:

The Good: A wide variety of experiments teach kids about elements, atomic structure, the periodic table, and more.

The Challenging: Potentially harmful chemicals means parents need to supervise.

In a Nutshell: Educational toy with a nostalgic feel will teach, entertain, and foster bonding with your child.

This is a real chemistry set that allows kids to conduct their own experiments. View larger.

The set comes with real chemical reagents, for use in various experiments. View larger.

So Many Experiments, So Little Time
The chemistry set comes with the equipment and chemicals to perform a wide variety of experiments. Sturdy plastic test tubes, pipettes, beakers, and other supplies are included, as well as potassium, sodium, and ammonium iron. A number of the experiments are performed with items that you supply yourself. You're likely to have some needed items lying around, while others, like purple cabbage (used in the experiment titled "Testing Acids and Bases"), will have to be sought out.

Because of this, children might want to read through the book and plan ahead, so they have the materials on hand for experiment day. A cardboard test tube rack is included, which is a good idea, but could prove flimsy in the heat of frenzied scientific experimentation. The chemical vials are child-resistant and must be opened with the help of the safety lid opener that is included.

Smoky, Smelly, Slimy, and Soapy Chemistry
The colorful 32-page instruction book not only provides detailed direction for the experiments, it's also filled with great background information about chemistry. Younger kids might prefer to get straight to the experiments rather than doing all the reading (the print is on the small side), but there are plenty of fun illustrations to catch the eye of the younger chemist.

Science-obsessed older kids will enjoy the informative and humorous content of this guide, including chapters like "Is Chemistry Really Dangerous?" Experiments cover a wide range of concepts, including the elements, titration, organic chemistry, plastics, and much more. Most experiments are relatively easy to do, but kids need to pay close attention to the directions, and parents should always supervise. The experiments labeled "Smoky, Smelly, Slimy, and Soapy Chemistry" are sure to be a big hit with your child.

What's in the Box
32-page color manual; safety goggles; equipment, including test tubes, pipettes, and beakers; chemicals for experiments, including potassium and ammonium iron; 9-volt battery clip; fasteners; rods; cardboard pieces; ping-pong ball; safety lid opener; drinking straws; and measuring spoon.

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Dangerous Chemistry rather boring for 8 year old boy, December 9, 2009
Bought this kit for my 8 year old grandson (he's a very bright student), however, found it to be written more on a high school level. I am a chemist and a teacher, so I know this could have been done better to make science more fun and exciting for a child that was eager to use it. Way too much detail for easy experiments and you had to work through too many "ho-hum" exercises before you got to some of the more interesting projects; by that time, kids lost interest.
It had some good educational information, however, I think this is marketed to the wrong audience.

., January 30, 2010
good product if you're getting your kid interested in science. it was a little more geeky than i expected from the ad. the ad mentioned smoke bombs, stink bombs, slime, ect. in reality there are only about 4, maybe 5 of these fairly simple experiments that will get most elementary kids excited. the rest of the book and experiments are considerably more time consuming (frequently take a week of waiting for results) and more basic science that would appeal to someone already into science heavily, but not the kind that would interested or intrigue more small kids.... in all fairness my little boy is younger than the recommended age of the product, but i wanted him to think of science as fun because he's not getting those ideas from his school currently.

Classic Chemistry Set, December 5, 2009
This is a neat little chemistry kit. If you are looking for a full-fledged chemistry set, I suggest looking at one of Thames & Kosmos's larger chemistry kits. But I see why they did this one: it lets parents convert a child's interest in the Dangerous Book for Boys into an interest in chemistry. The booklet that comes with this kit is really nice: it is well written, and packed with content... very dense with lots of chemistry explanations. The illustrations are nicely done.
Some of the experiments are easy and quick, but some of the experiments are pretty involved and actually require MORE materials. Most of these items we have in the house, but some items we don't have, so we are going to skip those experiments.

Make your own experiments and save your money, December 3, 2009
These are just the same old "child proof" chemistry experiments which have been circulating the internet for over a decade. It is ironic that they used the "Dangerous Book for Boys" name for a kit which is generally less dangerous than cooking! (creme brulee anyone?). Timid science experiments reinforce the "Science is boring" stereotype.

No one sells real chemistry sets for kids anymore because, despite being educational, they aren't safe. Ironically, they sell children's snow skis and dirt bikes which are unsafe and non-educational. So I suggest that parents wanting to introduce their child to chemistry first find a manual from an old chemistry set, order real chemicals, and spend some quality time with your budding scientist.

overpriced, November 30, 2009
At $32.60 with the Thames and Kosmos name we expected more than cardboard parts, and few at that. The 9-volt battery clip without a battery included was also a pretty cheap cost saving move. Won't be buy another Thames and Kosmos toy in the future.

A set that includes NOTHING, January 2, 2012
Purchased this set for my nephew along with the Dangerous Book for Boys. Finally was around long enough to go through the chemistry set book with him and figure out what experiments we could do on a dark, wintery night without leaving the house for supplies...Come to find out: NONE. While the experiments are worthwhile and scientific explanations for experiments good, the "STUFF" included within the chem set is barely existent. Wanna make slime? Well you need glue and borax....Wanna test for iron...well you need cereal and A MAGNET (really, they couldn't just put one in the set????). Not to mention the actual "stuff" within the set was really really cheap...the goggles were WAY too tight on my 6 year old nephew; the test tube holder is flimsy cardboard, and the chemicals dumped all over the place when we opened them. Skip this set.

Beginners Chemistry, January 30, 2010
Very nice introduction to chemistry for older children. My nine-year-old son can do some of the experiments on his own, and he loves that aspect. Others do require adult supervision.

Tougher than the description sounds, February 11, 2011
The set has many good experiments, but the surrounding information turned my son off a bit. He enjoys it, but we don't do it unless I am the one suggesting we try one. He is a very bright 9 year old, but I have to help him a lot with the understanding part.

got bored fast, March 25, 2013
My son was big in science so we thought this would be a great holiday. He tried one or two things and never touched it again.

Really looks cool when giving as a, August 18, 2014
Too many words very complicated and needs lots of extras to work...not kid friendly...
Pros: Really looks cool when giving as a gift