Faber and Castell 15 Count Watercolor Crayons with Free Brush

Faber and Castell 15 Count Watercolor Crayons with Free Brush

Product Description

The paint is in the crayon! Watercolor Art for young artists is easy to do, just add water. Use the included paintbrush to instantly mix these gorgeous, bright colors. Includes 15 watercolor crayons with free brush.

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Great Product, May 11, 2012
I bought these watercolor crayons for my art journal and couldn't be more happy! They are amazing! if you don't want to deal too much with water you can get a brush with a water chamber so you don't have to have a cup of water that might spill everywhere. All you need is to color what you want and then brush on top of it and instantly you have a watercolor background. It is the best thing that I have bought! and since it's for kids is less expensive. Great product!!!!

Smudgy, do not play well with mixed media, May 23, 2012
The colors are bright, but it dulls easily as you add water, looking muddy and grey once thinned out. The primary colors work best, but the other four are not so great.

I would recommend watercolor pencils instead. A child would have fun with these, but the pigment is waxy once down on the paper so I wasn't really happy with my test pictures.

High quality crayons, January 3, 2011
My daughter really enjoys these watercolor crayons. I like them because they are not messy like regular watercolors. I'd purchase them again.

Awesome!, July 24, 2013
My son used these in his kindergarten class and loved them. The only thing you have to be sure of is that they don't color too hard or color the picture in completely. The picture will become too saturated. All in all this is a great product and way easier to use than water colors. I feel it's easier to have you child keep dipping into water to clean the color off than to accidentally mix colors in a typical watercolor tray.

Good for grownups too, July 31, 2012
A good product to carry with a pocket sketchbook using a water brush. They just fit into an empty Altoids tin. My only complaint is the limited color range.

cardmaking crayons, April 17, 2013
I love FAber Castell products and that is why I chose these crayons. Unfortunately, one was broken and that was probably due to shipment. Otherwise, they are great colors.

Great set of crayons for children., November 25, 2012
These watercolor crayons are ideal for young painters- they aren't rated the highest but the price is right and they work fine. These were purchased for my granddaughters who have used mine and need their own set.

Clearer colors and less mess than regular watercolor palettes, February 6, 2012
I gave these to nieces and nephews along with blank watercolor postcards for Christmas. They loved the gift; art supplies like this are something they can easily share and use together for quality imagination time. Because the ideas with these watercolor pencils is to make the drawing first, then go over with a wet brush, there is much less mess than traditional palettes and less muddying of the colors. And, of course, they can be used just as colored pencils, getting a two for one utility. Would highly recommend for young or old to stimulate the brain and eyes!

Love watercolor crayons!, May 7, 2014
I have great memories of creating art with watercolor crayons growing up, so I was eager to give these to our daughter as soon as I thought she would be ready (around 2.5 years old). She loves them. I am giving this four stars instead of five because the quality of the brush is not great; the bristles seem to come off quite easily during use. But otherwise these crayons are great. Perfect balance of magical (when you add the water) and limited mess (versus traditional paints) for parents.

Watercolor crayons, March 30, 2014
These don't get as much use as they should -- they work beautifully, with a water brush. I get in a hurry and use other coloring items, but should use them more. The colors are true and they are easy to use.