Qualatex 260Q Balloons - Assorted Color Twisty Balloons - 100 Count

The only balloons we use for balloon twisting, July 28, 2014
My husband is a professional balloon twister and we only buy Qualatex balloons. These are the only balloons you want to buy if you are twisting balloons. Any other brand will break an pop before you complete your shapes. We bought these from the same Amazon seller twice over the last year because they were cheaper and were Prime eligible free shipping. Some people have said they received generic balloons and not Qualatex but that's not the case for us. Both times we ordered these they were genuine Qualatex balloons. I will buy them again from this seller too.

even though it says the best balloons. It still pops even if you let ..., July 25, 2014
Its ok, even though it says the best balloons. It still pops even if you let some air out.

Five Stars, July 16, 2014
Great buy

Good Deal., July 8, 2014
Better than the balloons from Party City.

They are good quality twisting balloons, July 6, 2014
The balloons came quickly. They are good quality twisting balloons. I recommend them.

Blech!, June 30, 2014
This did not resonate with my taste buds! I think it may be an acquired taste. Maybe. It really had the freeze-dried texture as well.

Five Stars, June 26, 2014
great balloons

Great quality, June 22, 2014
My fiance enjoyed making balloon figures for my son with these. Great quality as compared to others we had purchased. Ty

Makes awesome balloon animals!, June 16, 2014
My husband really likes using these to make balloon animals for our grandson. The cheap balloons that came with his pump (bought at a craft store) constantly popped as he was twisting them, but these almost never do.

Lots of happy kids, May 27, 2014
These quality balloons have made for lots of happy kids.
They twist without breaking (almost always), making for happy balloon shapers trying to serve lots of kids.
They withstand a lot of play and even re-shaping when kids take the animal apart you just made for them and then want it put back together.