Zip the Black Cat - Ty Beanie Babies

Zip the Black Cat - Ty Beanie Babies

Product Description

Zip the Cat RETIRED Keep Zip by your side all the day through Zip is good luck, you'll see it's true When you have something you need to do Zip will always believe in you!

You'll want Zip the black cat to cross your path. She was born on March 28, 1994, and her poem reads:
Keep Zip by your side all the day through
Zip is good luck, you'll see it's true
When you have something you need to do
Zip will always believe in you!
This adorable feline, mostly black with white paws and inner ears, is a real charmer. Zip's eyes are a gorgeous green with black pupils. She's got a pink triangular button nose with white thread whiskers and mouth. This older, very collectible Beanie Baby is hard to find and makes a great gift. Surface wash only. --Peggy Etra

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adorable, November 27, 2014
The beanie baby cat arrived exactly as shown and advertised. It is very cute and is a great addition to my 10 year old's beanie baby collection,

Five Stars, September 10, 2014

Five Stars, August 22, 2014
Really cute.

Little Kitty, June 28, 2014
I bought this little kitty for my elderly mother who has dementia, and she likes it very much - it's very soft and comforting.

One tough cat, February 5, 2014
Perfect for our 2 year old granddaughter. Good quality---stands up to being played with day after day. Goes everywhere with her.

I would buy ten of these if I could!, December 20, 2013
I am a cat fanatic and will one day really have ten of each type (my mother thinks I've gone loony). This is also a wonderful kitty toy for a cat-loving child as I used to drag them around everywhere. (Not the collectible tagged ones though!) This beanie will take over your heart if you love kitties =D

A little "free shipping" addition is now my daughter's favorite toy, December 9, 2013
I am military stationed overseas, so I had to miss my daughter's fifth birthday. I sent her another gift that she had been asking for, and I added this as an afterthought, partially because it put me above the line for free shipping.

I'm told that when she received it, she was very excited and wouldn't put it down; it's now her favorite plush toy.

I hope it holds up through all the love it will get, but for now, it has certainly exceeded my expectations.

Very nice cat, November 20, 2013
Cute kitten. My daughter loves it and plays with it often. Well made. Great gift for any little cat lovers.

Zip the Black Cat, July 21, 2013
Great purchase! :D I absolutely love this cat. It makes a great addition to a collection of Beanie Baby cats and looks really good beside the Beanie Baby cat Nip, especially if you want a light and dark portrayal in any capacity. The two together look like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde standing side by side. :)

Zip, April 29, 2013
I'm one of those crazy cat ladies who can't bare being separated from her dearest kitties, even if it's only a few months out of the year to go to college! I use Zip (now named after my cat) as a replacement for my little Tuxedo-boy. And though it's not the same thing, it makes me happy!

The package came promptly and was in great condition! Zip didn't have a tag on his ear (which is okay with me, but I'm sure not for avid Beanie Baby collectors). He came out looking clean and fresh!